Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Plain of Silver Release

This weekend marks the release of Stephen Brooke's new fantasy novel, THE PLAIN OF SILVER. This is the first book of 'Destiny's Daughter,' the sequel to the 'Donzalo's Destiny' sequence. Here's the blurb from the rear cover and advertising:

Radal was dead. Radal the mad, Radal the great sorcerer. Radal, father of Fachalana.

Their final battle had left her lost, near-broken. Could she find healing on the Plain of Silver, the mystic world where once she hid from his power and that of the dark god Asak? Could she at last find peace and, yes, love?

Now she learns a part of her father, possessed by Asak, is yet trapped in the god’s realm. Fachalana must come to terms with her own powers, to first make herself whole and then save what remains of Radal—and perhaps a kingdom.

Fachalana, sorceress and swordswoman, seeks her destiny in The Plain of Silver, the First Book of Destiny’s Daughter, the sequel to the epic Donzalo’s Destiny.

The Plain of Silver is available, of course, from our own store:

Links for the editions at our store:




The Kindle version is here:

For some reason, the print has not shown up anywhere yet in distribution, which seems unusually slow — the ISBN is 978-1-937745-83-7

Friday, June 24, 2022

Distribution Update

This morning, we removed the very last of our EPUB offerings from distribution through Lulu. EPUBs will still be available at our Lulu store (as will be PDF) but they will no longer be sent to B&N, Amazon, etc. We were not happy with that model of distribution nor with their conversion to Kindle format.

Therefor, we now create dedicated Kindle books, uploaded directly to Amazon. It may take a few weeks yet till all of those are up and it might take even longer for the old versions to disappear from being listed at Amazon. Eventually, we may distribute EPUB directly to some other online retailers. And print is still distributed 'everywhere' by Lulu and almost certainly will continue to be. Sold through our store there, too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022


We made mention a few months back that one of our goals for this year—in addition to releasing new titles—was to get up new editions of pretty much all our books. Those that needed it, which means most of our novels. A few books were okay as were. We remain on schedule for this, not only getting new print versions out but also dedicated Kindle editions, as well as EPUB and PDF offerings at our own store.

The one possible exception may be the poetry titles. These are relatively low priority; we did get some new versions up but the rest can wait until we are finished with the novels. Most are not sold as ebooks, which simplifies matters, but we will get 'improved' free EPUB and PDF versions up at our site, in time.

In the meanwhile, THE PLAIN OF SILVER will be live in less that two weeks! And Sienna Santerre's novel ONE CHRISTMAS IN THE SUN is slotted for release on August 6. That remains on schedule too. Beyond that? You'll know when we do!