Sunday, March 11, 2018

Woman of the Sky Is Out

The latest fantasy adventure novel by Stephen Brooke, WOMAN OF THE SKY, is officially released. This is the final book of the Mora Trilogy. Find it at Arachis Press or our store at our distributors site.



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'Woman of the Sky' is also available at most retailers, including Amazon.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Book Release and Giveaway

To mark the release of the final novel in Stephen Brooke's Mora Trilogy, WOMAN OF THE SKY (officially out on March 10), we are giving away the first book in the series, GOD OF RAIN, for three days only. Download it in EPUB and/or MOBI, depending on your e-reader of choice. The events in GOD OF RAIN follow after those in my Malvern Trilogy, but those novels need not be read to enjoy the adventures of warrior-turned-trader Hito through encounters with crocodiles, head-hunters, cannibalistic fairies, and a certain dancing girl.

The book may be found HERE

No strings attached, nothing to sign up for, but a review somewhere might be nice (assuming you like the story!). And do consider purchasing WOMAN OF THE SKY and the second Mora book, ARROWS OF HEAVEN.