Wednesday, December 28, 2022


Garamond—yes, the typeface for your fiction book. You’re always safe using some version of Garamond to print that novel or short story collection.

Well, maybe not every version. I would advise against using the one that comes installed with Windows for two reasons. One, it is an ‘American’ Garamond, on the spiky and aggressive side, and based on the designs of Jannon rather than Garamond himself. Two, you do not actually own the rights to use it in a print book. Not that anyone is going to come after you if you send a book set in it off to a print-on-demand company, but you should recognize that you really are supposed to pay for a license to use it.

The same, of course, is true of today’s industry standard, Adobe Garamond. If you intend to pay for a typeface, you might as well go with the Adobe. It’s pretty authentic to the original fonts with just the right bit of modernization.

If you would prefer a free alternative, go for EB Garamond. It is practically identical to Adobe’s version, being based on the same original samples, and may be downloaded free. I would suggest the EB Garamond 12 that was the original version, not the EB Garamond that has recently shown up on Google Fonts; that newer take on the typeface has some changes that may make it better for online use but not so good for print. Not that it couldn’t be used, to be sure. One gives up small caps and old style numerals for more weights—most unneeded—and lining figures.

Before Adobe’s offering came along, perhaps the most authentic Garamond was that from the Stempel foundry—and its many clones. The URW++ version is totally free and open license, having been donated to the Ghostscript project decades ago. I’ve used it for several novels, more than any other typeface, I suspect (and I’m not going to stop and count right now). It looks good, it looks professional. It and the EB are the two top choices for free Garamonds.

Yet I shall mention another: Cormorant or, more precisely, Cormorant Garamond, the latter being a slightly altered version to make it a little more suited to body text. Incidentally, I would recommend the ‘book’ weight, not the regular, which looks a bit spindly. Cormorant, on the whole, veers closer to that American style of Garamond mentioned earlier. It is actually a quite attractive typeface, but perhaps not as readable for long stretches of text.

I shall also mention a couple free Garamond-adjacent typefaces, both of which tend toward the Granjon style (Granjon being one of Garamond’s assistants and successors). Excellent commercial fonts have been created in that Granjon mode, notably Plantin and Matthew Carter’s Galliard.

Plantin is a solid, workmanlike face that has been dependable for book text for a century. A pretty good replacement for it is Crimson. Do make sure you get the latest iteration of the design, Crimson Pro. It has finally made it to the totally professional level with this version. Crimson is one of those typefaces I could see using for pretty much anything but it may not have quite the sense of elegance one gets from Adobe or EB Garamond.

Alegreya is elegant, and makes a decent alternative to Galliard. It seems definitely inspired by Carter’s design; not a clone by any means but very much with the same light-hearted and adventurous feel. This is particularly evident in the italics. I do love Galliard but I think Alegreya may just replace it.

I mentioned the added weights in the newest version of EB Garamond. I find all those bolds and blacks and so on largely pointless, and generally not all that attractive (and bold italics can be an abomination). Good italics are more important—essential even—than a variety of weights, and I really prefer to have small caps available too. EB Garamond 12, Cormorant, and Alegreya do all include small caps.

Alegreya and Cormorant also have another point in their favor, and that is a matching sans typeface. I’ll readily admit I like Ysabeau, the sans companion to Cormorant, more than Cormorant itself. It and Alegreya Sans can both be useful for titling in a book set in any flavor of Garamond.

So, we have no excuse for not using Garamond in our next novel. Unless, of course, we prefer Caslon. I’ll have to talk about that some other time.


Wednesday, December 21, 2022


We have had it with trying to deal with Amazon. There will be no new Kindle editions of our books (including the about to be released THESE REMEMBERED HILLS). The old ones, we assume, will linger on their site, and, of course, our print books will continue to be distributed to Amazon, as they are to pretty much all book sellers.

Those who wish to purchase ebook versions of our title will find both EPUB and PDF editions at our store:

Incidentally, THESE REMEMBERED HILLS is up at our store in every format right now, in advance of our official release. Print should show up at retailers by the January 7 date we have set.

Thursday, December 15, 2022

These Remembered Hills

Stephen Brooke's newest novel, a 'Hocking Hills Mystery' (the first, with a promise of more to come) will be officially released on January 7 2023. Titled 'These Remembered Hills,' the story is set in the Hocking Hills of southeastern Ohio in 1962, and will be available in print, epub, PDF, and Kindle formats. Here is the official blurb:

Yes, he loved these hills, these remembered hills of his youth.

Jim Fry had returned from his four years in the navy, returned to the family farm where his sister had died, broken at the foot of a cliff. An accident. So most believed.

Not her friend, artist Rick Myers. A few days later, Myers is also dead and no one mistakes this for an accident. Through farmland and forest, the cliffs and creeks of the Hocking Hills of southern Ohio, Jim pursues the truth—and the murderers.

And here is the cover:


Friday, December 9, 2022

Winter/Spring Releases


These titles will be appearing after the new year (These Remembered Hills is set for a Jan 7 release) and into spring and maybe early summer (exact release dates yet to be set). Expect more later in the year!

Saturday, December 3, 2022


The coming year, 2023, will mark our twentieth year as a publisher (though we used a different name the first couple of those years). It will also mark the release of our fiftieth title. That will be Stephen Brooke's Hocking Hills mystery, 'These Remembered Hills.' More on that as we draw nearer the release date, which we have set for January 7.

Beyond that, we will be publishing Oliver Davis Pikes's second Jack Mack science fiction adventure, 'Jumping Jack.' Tentative release date is late February, or March 4 at the latest. More to come on that one, too.

And by late spring or early summer, the latest poetry collection from Stephen Brooke, titled 'Islanders.' We have nothing set further than that but be assured there will be more books released in the coming year. And for years to come!

Friday, August 5, 2022

One Christmas Release

Saturday, August 6, 2022 is the official release date for Sienna Santerre's novel of three young women in Sixties Florida, ‘One Christmas in the Sun.’ This is the sequel to ‘One Summer in the Sun’ (also available, of course!).

These are the links for ‘One Christmas in the Sun’ at Amazon:



The print edition is (in theory, anyway) available ‘everywhere,’ but you may also purchase it at the Arachis Press store:

or if you prefer a PDF:

or maybe an EPUB:

or just browse all the books at the AP store:

And if you’d like to stop by the Sienna Santerre GoodReads page and perhaps leave a review:

Saturday, June 25, 2022

The Plain of Silver Release

This weekend marks the release of Stephen Brooke's new fantasy novel, THE PLAIN OF SILVER. This is the first book of 'Destiny's Daughter,' the sequel to the 'Donzalo's Destiny' sequence. Here's the blurb from the rear cover and advertising:

Radal was dead. Radal the mad, Radal the great sorcerer. Radal, father of Fachalana.

Their final battle had left her lost, near-broken. Could she find healing on the Plain of Silver, the mystic world where once she hid from his power and that of the dark god Asak? Could she at last find peace and, yes, love?

Now she learns a part of her father, possessed by Asak, is yet trapped in the god’s realm. Fachalana must come to terms with her own powers, to first make herself whole and then save what remains of Radal—and perhaps a kingdom.

Fachalana, sorceress and swordswoman, seeks her destiny in The Plain of Silver, the First Book of Destiny’s Daughter, the sequel to the epic Donzalo’s Destiny.

The Plain of Silver is available, of course, from our own store:

Links for the editions at our store:




The Kindle version is here:

For some reason, the print has not shown up anywhere yet in distribution, which seems unusually slow — the ISBN is 978-1-937745-83-7

Friday, June 24, 2022

Distribution Update

This morning, we removed the very last of our EPUB offerings from distribution through Lulu. EPUBs will still be available at our Lulu store (as will be PDF) but they will no longer be sent to B&N, Amazon, etc. We were not happy with that model of distribution nor with their conversion to Kindle format.

Therefor, we now create dedicated Kindle books, uploaded directly to Amazon. It may take a few weeks yet till all of those are up and it might take even longer for the old versions to disappear from being listed at Amazon. Eventually, we may distribute EPUB directly to some other online retailers. And print is still distributed 'everywhere' by Lulu and almost certainly will continue to be. Sold through our store there, too.

Tuesday, June 14, 2022


We made mention a few months back that one of our goals for this year—in addition to releasing new titles—was to get up new editions of pretty much all our books. Those that needed it, which means most of our novels. A few books were okay as were. We remain on schedule for this, not only getting new print versions out but also dedicated Kindle editions, as well as EPUB and PDF offerings at our own store.

The one possible exception may be the poetry titles. These are relatively low priority; we did get some new versions up but the rest can wait until we are finished with the novels. Most are not sold as ebooks, which simplifies matters, but we will get 'improved' free EPUB and PDF versions up at our site, in time.

In the meanwhile, THE PLAIN OF SILVER will be live in less that two weeks! And Sienna Santerre's novel ONE CHRISTMAS IN THE SUN is slotted for release on August 6. That remains on schedule too. Beyond that? You'll know when we do!

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Saturday, May 14, 2022


For the typefaces used in the interior of our Arachis Press books, we are scrupulous about using only fonts for which we have a license. This means—in our case—the Bitstream typefaces licensed via our software and an assortment of ‘free’ fonts. There are free faces that are quite satisfactory and entirely professional; we have mentioned before the free pack donated by URW++ to the Ghostscript project and that one could do a perfectly good job with nothing else.

But then there are covers. If one converts ones cover file to a graphic (as we do—we upload high definition PNGs to our printer), one can get away with using unlicensed fonts. It is when we embed those typefaces in PDFs (or other file formats) that we run into legal questions.

Now we’ll admit that a small publisher (or self-publisher) probably won’t be called out for this but it is best to be safe. And legal! Therefor, we do keep a number of fonts on hand (or on computer, we should say) that we would not use for interior layout but can be handy for cover design. These are, of course, primarily ‘display’ fonts that one might not use for interior text anyway.

The self-publisher who uses Canva (or a similar cover generator) needn’t worry about any of that. Any licensing is taken care of already. Similarly, ebooks (other than PDFs) should not be problematic; we simply specify ‘serif’ for the type in our EPUBs and allow the reader to choose the font they prefer.

Incidentally, we should mention that Microsoft’s fonts are not free to use in your books, even if they are included in your copy of Windows. And Times New Roman should not be used in a commercial release without paying for it—though we don’t know why anyone would want to.

So we have used Dutch 766, Bitstream’s copy of Imprint, in our books but we would not use the Imprint MT Shadow that came with Windows. Not as part of the interior text. On a cover? Maybe someday, if it is needed.

Thursday, April 21, 2022


Today, April 21 2022 is the official release day for Stephen Brooke's new poetry collection, TICKING. Print copies may be purchased at our Arachis Press Store or at retailers around the web, Amazon included. As usual, ebooks (EPUB and PDF) are free here.

Further releases are coming this summer: the fantasy novel THE PLAIN OF SILVER by Stephen Brooke is due on June 26 and the Sienna Santerre's new novel of coming of age in southern Florida will appear on Aug 6.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Summer 2022

We are a couple weeks away from the release of Stephen Brooke's newest poetry collection, TICKING, on April 21. This book will be available in print at our own store and at retailers around the internet (and elsewhere). As with previous poetry books from Brooke, there will be a free ebook (EPUB and PDF) at our site. (

Beyond this, we are pleased to announce two other new books for this summer. The first is THE PLAIN OF SILVER, the first book of Destiny's Daughter. This new series is a sequel to the popular Donzalo's Destiny epic from Stephen Brooke. Official release date is June 26, 2022. Cover reveal and details to come.

This will be followed by a new novel from Sienna Santerre, ONE CHRISTMAS IN THE SUN. This is a sequel to ONE SUMMER IN THE SUN and is slotted for an August 2 release. More on it to come, as well.

Both books will be available in print 'everywhere,' in dedicated Kindle editions at Amazon, and in EPUB and PDF at our own store.

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New For Twenty-Two

Our next release—and the only new book scheduled so far for 2022—will be a collection of poetry by Stephen Brooke, TICKING. Release date is set for April 21. As in the past, the print edition will be for sale 'everywhere' and the ebooks, both EPUB and PDF, will be offered as free downloads at our site. Here is the cover:

We continue to roll out new editions (minor cosmetic changes and typos only, plus dedicated Kindle versions) of our books. We are working on getting out Stephen Brooke's early fantasy novels first, the four books of Donzalo's Destiny and the three Malvern adventures. Do expect more novels later this year; we shall announce them when we have firm dates.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Amazon and New Editions

All three of our authors now have pages at Amazon:

Stephen Brooke:

O D Pike:

Sienna Santerre:

To be sure, all their books may be purchased at our own store, unless one must have them on Kindle. We offer print and EPUB, and are in the process of putting up PDF versions of most, as well. Print is available 'everywhere' and we may eventually distribute the EPUBs more broadly too.

Speaking of those PDF versions, that is part of getting out new editions of many (if not most) of our titles. No drastic changes, just some cosmetic fixes, typos missed at some point, that sort of thing. The EPUBs should look better. This is a process we shall continue through this year and possibly into next. We are getting the earliest Stephen Brooke fantasy novels, the four that make up Donzalo's Destiny, and the Malvern Trilogy, up first.

New releases? There is admittedly not much planned right now, aside for Stephen Brooke's latest poetry collection, 'Ticking.' We'll give plenty of advance notice on that one. And be sure, more new books will be forthcoming!