Friday, August 21, 2020

Daisy Days


A release date of November 28, 2020 (yes, that's 'Cyber Saturday') has been set for Stephen Brooke's DAISY DAYS. This is a children's title, a chapter book, and set in the same 'meadow' as his THE CONTRARY FAIRY. The book will be available in print at our store and retailers 'everywhere.'

It will not be released as an ebook (EPUB or Kindle) and the ebook edition of THE  CONTRARY FAIRY has been removed from publication. It does not seem a good format for books of this sort. We do  intend to make both both titles available as FREE PDF downloads for anyone who wants a copy. We also hope you'll buy the print version!

The fantasy novel CITY OF WIZARDRY remains set for an October 10 release, print and ebook. This assumes  a hurricane doesn't come through and knock us offline for nearly a month  like Michael did the year before last.