Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Updates on Releases

We have started the process of getting Sienna Santerre's 'One Summer in the Sun' into print and distribution. With everything slowed down the next month and more, we felt it best to get it going right now, although the official release date is Jan 15. It is likely to show up in our own store before then—we'll see! Less hurry on getting the ebooks (epub, pdf, kindle) out the door.
We are also releasing revised versions of some of our older titles. New print editions of Stephen Brooke's children's chapter books, 'The Contrary Fairy' and 'Daisy Days' will be out shortly. The ebook versions will also be updated and these will continue to be free downloads at our site. Brooke's second poetry collection, 'Dreamwinds,' will also appear in a new edition and it, too, will remain a free ebook download. Do expect the print prices of these three books to go up a tad.
More revised books should continue to roll out in the coming year. New ones too!

Sunday, October 3, 2021

One Summer

Stephen Brooke's fantasy novel "The Walls Between the Worlds" is now officially in a release. Here's a peak at a promo banner for our next book, Sienna Santerre's "One Summer in the Sun," coming January 15 of next year. More on the novel as we draw closer to that date. Beyond that, we have nothing set. Do expect a poetry collection for Stephen Brooke sometime in the summer.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Walls Release

Today is the official publication date for Stephen Brooke's fantasy novel "The Walls Between the Worlds." The book is available in our own store in print, PDF, and EPUB formats. Here's the link to the print version:


It is also available at Amazon in print and Kindle editions. Here the print link:


The print version should also be available at retailers 'everywhere.'

Friday, August 6, 2021

Lands Far Away Release

Saturday, August 7 2021, is the official release day for Stephen Brooke's collection of (mostly) fantasy short stories titled Lands Far Away. Here's the back cover blurb:

Away! Beyond the hills, beyond the seas, lie kingdoms unknown. This book of stories is for all who would seek them at the edges of the world, for all who would journey to Lands Far Away ~ tales of fantasy by Stephen Brooke.

Lands Far Away is available right now. It's a fairly short book, around 30,000 words, with seventeen stories and two poem/songs included. And, as with Brooke's poetry collections, the ebook version is a free download. Print may be purchased at the Arachis Press store or at Amazon or, in theory anyway, 'everywhere.' The download, in both EPUB and PDF formats, is here (along with several other free books).

Some of the stories included in the book have appeared in magazines and many—but not all—are on the humorous side. 



Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Rest of 2021

Today, June 19 2021 marks the official release of Oliver Davis Pike’s new science fiction novel, ‘Among the Many Worlds.’ The book is available at our own store in print (paperback) and ebooks (EPUB and PDF) formats. It is also at Amazon as a Kindle book, as well as print.

We expect to release two more books this year. These are both by Stephen Brooke; first, the collection of short fantasy fiction, ‘Lands Far Away.’ There will be a print edition for sale but the ebooks will be free to download. Release date is August 2. This will be followed by the fantasy novel ‘The Walls Between the Worlds’ in October. More on both as we move closer to those dates.

A new edition of the Brooke mainstream novel ‘Asanas’ is being rolled out over the next few weeks. The PDF and EPUB versions are already in our store. Expect Kindle to show up in early July, as well as a new version of the print edition. That latter will be available in our store first; it may take a little while for details of the updated book to reach retailers.

We are (finally!) revamping our website. The pages for our poetry/literary fiction imprint, Eggshell Boats, should be up soon. The main Arachis Press site might take a little longer but we are working on it—getting the books out always has priority (both publishing and writing).

Friday, May 28, 2021

The Walls Between the Worlds

We are pleased to announce that the latest fantasy novel by Stephen Brooke, THE WALLS BETWEEN THE WORLDS, is scheduled for publication on October 2, 2021. Here's the rear cover blurb and the cover (probably in final form):

Hurasu, the greatest sorcerer his world had ever known, was dead. To his son he left his sword, four mystic jewels, a realm in ruin, and many enemies. Urtu was not at all sure he wanted that realm. A wide unknown world lay beyond it; for a lad skilled with both weapons and spells, the path lay away for the great valley of his birth, across the mountains and into the tropical empire of the Molu.

Urtu realized that a mission had been given him along with his father’s jewels, for they were the Eyes of the Wind, too powerful to allow their misuse. To a place of safety he must carry them, with the aid of a shaman and a god and sometimes his mother, while other powerful wizards pursued. But first, a sojourn amid the politics and the women of the Molu—and a certain amount of learning about both the world and himself. Join Urtu as he begins his journey across The Walls Between the Worlds.


Sunday, April 25, 2021

When Man Was Young and More

We finally have the EPUB edition of Stephen Brooke's time travel novel, When Man Was Young, available in our store. That's only like a month late. Print version was available on schedule and can be purchased 'everywhere.' And, to be sure, the Kindle version is at Amazon. We have decided that future EPUBs (at least for a while) will be sold only through our Lulu store. Except, of course, for the free downloads at our own site. 

The next release will be the poetry title The Moon and I. This will be one of those aforementioned free downloads and should be available to everyone by the official release date of May 15, in both EPUB and PDF formats. The print version (which of course costs) should be available in our store by then but maybe not in wide distribution by the target date. That has to do with certain internet problems we've been experiencing (having to do with satellites and particularly odd weather).

We are hoping those problems will not pop up to plague us further this year (nor those we have been experiencing with Lulu) and that the roll-out of Oliver Davis Pike's SF novel, Among the Many Worlds will be smooth in June.