Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Donzalo and More

We have nearly completed the revisions of our entire catalog, and should have all the new editions  up by the end of this month. The intention was then to work up a combined edition of 'Donzalo's Destiny,' including a hardcover version. However, this plan has been abandoned, at least for now.

This, in part, is because the 740 page, 206,000 words, plus illustrations, was a bit much. Best to keep the saga in its four separate books and move on to new projects. But we will attempt to edit those four books and get them into wider distribution (i.e. at B&N, Amazon, etc) along side our  ebook editions.

Indeed, we hope to do this with most of our print books, in time. We have always been leery of this approach because it adds unnecessary expense as the books pass through the hands of a middleman. We would rather you, the readers, save the money as we keep our prices down.

The first book we will attempt to submit to distribution will be Stephen Brooke's third poetry collection, RETELLINGS. If it works out well, more titles will join it. This will require varying amounts of reformatting, both internal and to the covers, to meet the requirements of the vendors. And all new titles will be set up with this in mind.

Or we may just keep on as we have!