Saturday, January 16, 2021

E-Book Distribution

We will be changing our ebook release strategy, primarily because of our distributor, Lulu. We have never had any real problems with the company for print fulfillment but their ebook distribution has been problematic. This was more so in 2020 after their complete redesign of their site and interface. Some of our ebooks never did get to where they should be and we did get tired of attempting to straighten it out.

Now, they announce that there will a charge to distribute any new ebooks. This was enough to decide us to distribute directly from now on, to Amazon and other sites. This means we will no longer need to give Lulu a cut of the profit (much less pay that initial fee). It also means we don't really need to allot an ISBN to the ebooks. That saves some expense too. Of course, it's a little more work for us.

In time, we will probably move the distribution of all our older ebooks away from Lulu as well. There's no great hurry on that. And we will continue to sell them directly on our store there, along side the print editions.

Coming in 2021

Time to announce some upcoming titles—those for which we have release dates set. Be assured, other books will follow these this year.

First is the science fiction time-travel novel WHEN MAN WAS YOUNG from Stephen Brooke. Release date is set for March 20, 2021. The cover:

And a blurb:

Ken Sasaki and his fellow time-travelers paid well for the Neanderthal experience—two weeks living with an Ice Age tribe, becoming part of that tribe.

Things did not quite work out that way. The last minute addition of a woman scientist to their group caused some grumbling. That proved to be the least of their problems as they found themselves struggling for survival in an inhospitable world, an age ago When Man Was Young.

A novel from Stephen Brooke and the Arachis Press

The second is a poetry collection from Stephen Brooke, THE MOON AND I. Coming May 15.

The moon and I conversed last night ~

These poems are conversations with the moon, with the night, with the soul. The birds and the wind, dreams and memory, speak in this collection from Stephen Brooke, THE MOON AND I.

Further releases will be announced as we decide on release dates.