Wednesday, January 19, 2022

New For Twenty-Two

Our next release—and the only new book scheduled so far for 2022—will be a collection of poetry by Stephen Brooke, TICKING. Release date is set for April 21. As in the past, the print edition will be for sale 'everywhere' and the ebooks, both EPUB and PDF, will be offered as free downloads at our site. Here is the cover:

We continue to roll out new editions (minor cosmetic changes and typos only, plus dedicated Kindle versions) of our books. We are working on getting out Stephen Brooke's early fantasy novels first, the four books of Donzalo's Destiny and the three Malvern adventures. Do expect more novels later this year; we shall announce them when we have firm dates.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Amazon and New Editions

All three of our authors now have pages at Amazon:

Stephen Brooke:

O D Pike:

Sienna Santerre:

To be sure, all their books may be purchased at our own store, unless one must have them on Kindle. We offer print and EPUB, and are in the process of putting up PDF versions of most, as well. Print is available 'everywhere' and we may eventually distribute the EPUBs more broadly too.

Speaking of those PDF versions, that is part of getting out new editions of many (if not most) of our titles. No drastic changes, just some cosmetic fixes, typos missed at some point, that sort of thing. The EPUBs should look better. This is a process we shall continue through this year and possibly into next. We are getting the earliest Stephen Brooke fantasy novels, the four that make up Donzalo's Destiny, and the Malvern Trilogy, up first.

New releases? There is admittedly not much planned right now, aside for Stephen Brooke's latest poetry collection, 'Ticking.' We'll give plenty of advance notice on that one. And be sure, more new books will be forthcoming!