Sunday, April 25, 2021

When Man Was Young and More

We finally have the EPUB edition of Stephen Brooke's time travel novel, When Man Was Young, available in our store. That's only like a month late. Print version was available on schedule and can be purchased 'everywhere.' And, to be sure, the Kindle version is at Amazon. We have decided that future EPUBs (at least for a while) will be sold only through our Lulu store. Except, of course, for the free downloads at our own site. 

The next release will be the poetry title The Moon and I. This will be one of those aforementioned free downloads and should be available to everyone by the official release date of May 15, in both EPUB and PDF formats. The print version (which of course costs) should be available in our store by then but maybe not in wide distribution by the target date. That has to do with certain internet problems we've been experiencing (having to do with satellites and particularly odd weather).

We are hoping those problems will not pop up to plague us further this year (nor those we have been experiencing with Lulu) and that the roll-out of Oliver Davis Pike's SF novel, Among the Many Worlds will be smooth in June.