Thursday, April 21, 2022


Today, April 21 2022 is the official release day for Stephen Brooke's new poetry collection, TICKING. Print copies may be purchased at our Arachis Press Store or at retailers around the web, Amazon included. As usual, ebooks (EPUB and PDF) are free here.

Further releases are coming this summer: the fantasy novel THE PLAIN OF SILVER by Stephen Brooke is due on June 26 and the Sienna Santerre's new novel of coming of age in southern Florida will appear on Aug 6.

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Summer 2022

We are a couple weeks away from the release of Stephen Brooke's newest poetry collection, TICKING, on April 21. This book will be available in print at our own store and at retailers around the internet (and elsewhere). As with previous poetry books from Brooke, there will be a free ebook (EPUB and PDF) at our site. (

Beyond this, we are pleased to announce two other new books for this summer. The first is THE PLAIN OF SILVER, the first book of Destiny's Daughter. This new series is a sequel to the popular Donzalo's Destiny epic from Stephen Brooke. Official release date is June 26, 2022. Cover reveal and details to come.

This will be followed by a new novel from Sienna Santerre, ONE CHRISTMAS IN THE SUN. This is a sequel to ONE SUMMER IN THE SUN and is slotted for an August 2 release. More on it to come, as well.

Both books will be available in print 'everywhere,' in dedicated Kindle editions at Amazon, and in EPUB and PDF at our own store.