Saturday, December 31, 2011


A mention that three of our four books by Stephen Brooke (plus his free short-story, 'A Tale of Two Turkeys') are available at both the Barnes and Noble and the Apple stores. Just search for 'Stephen Brooke' to find 'The Middle of Nowhere,' 'Dreamwinds,' and 'Pieces of the Moon' in epub format.

His picture book for the little ones, 'A Mouse Is In The House,' is not available in epub. We don't think toddlers are using e-readers all that much.

Here are links for 'The Middle of Nowhere,' Stephen's Young Adult novel, at both stores:

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pieces of the Moon

The revised third edition of Stephen Brooke's 'Pieces of the Moon' is now available in print, PDF and epub. This was Stephen's first book of poetry (and our first title), originally released in 2003, and contains some of his national and regional award winners as well as his pen and ink illustrations.

This is our final release for 2011. We hope to have more new titles available in the coming year. Stay posted!