The Arachis Press currently has these titles available:

Pieces of the Moon ~ a collection of poetry
Dreamwinds ~ a collection of poetry
Retellings ~ a collection of poetry and vignettes
The Tower ~ a poetry collection
Fields of Summer ~ a collection of poems
Voyages ~ a collection of poems
Magic ~ a poetry collection

  A Mouse Is In The House ~ a children's picture book
  The Contrary Fairy ~ a children's chapter book
  Awful Alvin and Other Peculiar Poems ~ a children's poetry collection

  The Art of K. Page Brooke ~ a retrospective of the artist's life and work

SCIENCE FICTION novels by Oliver Davis Pike

THE DONZALO'S DESTINY SERIES of Fantasy novels by Stephen Brooke
  The Song of the Sword
  The Shadow of Asak
  The Sign of the Arrow
  The Hand of the Sorcerer
  Donzalo's Destiny — bringing all four books together in one volume

THE MALVERN SERIES of Fantasy Adventure novels by Stephen Brooke
  Coast of Spears
  Valley of Visions
  Hero from the  Sea

THE MORA SERIES of Fantasy Adventure novels, set in the Malvern world, by Stephen Brooke
  God of Rain
  Arrows of Heaven
  Woman of the Sky

THE SAJAM SAGA series of Fantasy Adventure novels, by Stephen Brooke
 The Eyes of the Win
 The Jewels of the Elements

THE CROCODILE CHRONICLES series of Fantasy Adventure novels, by Stephen Brooke
 The Crocodile's Son
 The Crocodile God

 The Ways of Wizardry
 Tsar of the Empty Lands

FLORIDA novels:
  Asanas ~ contemporary novel  (coming June 16, 2018) 
  Shaper ~  a contemporary novel
  Waves ~ contemporary novel, sequel to Shaper
  The Middle of Nowhere ~ a Young Adult novel

WILK adventure novels, by Stephen Brooke
  The Dictator's Children

All can be seen and purchased both at our primary site, http://arachispress.com and at the Arachis Press store at our distributor's site, (http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/arachispress). Most titles are also found in print and ebook forms at online retailers including Barnes & Noble, Apple, and Amazon, as well as being available for order from bookstores.

Incidentally, it is advisable to look in at Lulu's home page, www.lulu.com to check for current deals and discounts, as well as our specials page here.

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