Wednesday, July 25, 2012


I'm at a point where I want to make a more-or-less permanent decision on the logo for Arachis Press. Do I stick with my older concept I worked up a couple years ago (with or without added peanut graphic):

Or do I go with this more more unique choice:

I've pretty much narrowed it down to these two...and I like them both. The older one might come off as classy to some but it's also just a tad cheesy, don't you think? The newer design certainly makes for a clean and even forceful 'AP' but I'm not entirely enamored of the font otherwise.

Well, I suppose I'll decide soon, as I'm getting the web site revamped and expanded (at last) and would want to use one or the other. It would appear in the next book too, but then I already have five books out there with the older logo. That's probably the strongest argument for keeping it.

addendum, July 29: having given this some time for consideration (starting a couple months before posting it), I've decided to stick with the old logo.  So that's the Arachis Press 'brand' for the foreseeable future.