Friday, July 15, 2016

Today, July 15, brings the official release of Stephen Brooke's new fantasy adventure novel, THE EYES OF THE WIND. Available directly from Arachis Press and at retailers everywhere (almost!) in print and ebook formats.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Some Small Summer Announcements

First: the release date for Stephen Brooke's poetry collection FIELDS OF SUMMER has been moved forward to September 1.  After all, a book of 'summer' poems shouldn't come out in the autumn, should it? Expect the usual print and ebook versions.

Second: there is now an all-in-one edition of DONZALO'S DESTINY, combining the four novels that make up the saga (it could be convincingly argued that it is all one lengthy novel). The hardcover version is up at our shop now, but we need to look over the proof copy before officially announcing and giving a link. There will be a paperback version to join it shortly. This is a pretty big book, at over 200,000 words and seven-hundred-some pages.

Incidentally, we will stick with the four separate titles for the ebook versions, and continue to offer them in print too. There should be revised editions before too long.