Thursday, December 29, 2016


We were just getting some revised ebook editions of our books on line (the great thing about a POD approach is that anything can be fixed, anytime) and began to wonder if there was any point in offering PDF versions. We have always done this as a matter of course, along side the print and epub editions (and the Kindle variant that shows up at Amazon --- they convert that from the epub). But the PDFs do not really sell.

It is not that much trouble to create them, understand, a few very minor changes from the  print edition (margins slightly altered, ISBN removed, cover added). But it is an additional chore and perhaps for no reason. For now, we do not intend to change our procedure and will continue to offer the PDF online --- at book shows and so on, we have been including it in a bundle with the epub and/or print books.

Thinking out loud here --- anyway, PDFs of most of our books are available at our 'spotlight store' and will continue to be. Now we need to start thinking about audio books!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Ending and Beginning

The end of 2016 approaches. It was not a bad year for us; we accomplished most of what we intended, aside from getting our related ‘Eggshell Boats’ magazine project going. More on that later.

So what is to come in 2017? More books, of course! One of those will be the debut novel of Sienna Santerre*, tentatively to be titled ‘Asanas,’ revolving around the lives of a group of friends in a yoga class. As with any book, it will be released when it is ready; one never knows when rewrites and edits will permit that.

There should be a new fantasy adventure novel by Stephen Brooke before long, as well, a semi-sequel to the Malvern Trilogy. Both of these will be announced when we have firm release dates.

Beyond that? Probably at least one poetry collection. Returning to that ‘Eggshell Boats’ mention, we have pretty much decided not to launch a literary magazine, per se, but to use that name for a new poetry imprint here. We shall be looking to publish poetry books; there will be more on that as we work out the direction we are going.

And there are likely to be more novels, maybe a children’s book (or two), and so on. We shall see!

*March 2017 — the name Sienna Santerre was a pen name and is being dropped. The novel will appear but under its author's true name. All that to be announced when it happens.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas Freebie

We are giving away a special PDF version of a short fantasy tale by Stephen Brooke, The Beast, the Book, and the Burglar. Click to download from our Spotlight Store at our distributor (Lulu Enterprises).

Quick-witted young Im attempts to burglarize a demon-guarded tower.

We'll have news soon about what is coming in 2017!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Waves Is Out

WAVES, Stephen Brooke's second novel of crime and surfing set in the fictional Florida town of Cully Beach, is officially out today. Available at our site and pretty much everywhere else in both print and ebook formats.

WAVES is the sequel to SHAPER, and continues the adventures of 'Shaper,' Ted Carrol, surf shop owner and reluctant detective.