Saturday, June 6, 2020

Wilk Release

Today, June 6, 2020, is the official release date of the new adventure novel from  Stephen Brooke, WILK. This is a the 'origin story' for Jean Wilk (aka Jan Patrokowski aka John Wilkings) and a prequel of sorts to THE DICTATOR'S CHILDREN. Here is the blurb:

A connecting flight — as the aging Wilk returns to his native Poland he reminisces how, in the aftermath of the Great War, a young Jan Patrowski finds himself adrift. From the Russian Revolution to a China torn apart by factions and warlords, he strives to learn who he is. The decorated war hero and pilot? The clever mechanic and engineer? Or maybe a man in love who would throw away the rest of the world and lose himself in the heart of Asia. Join him as he travels across a continent in a novel of adventure and a journey of discovery by Stephen Brooke, WILK

And here is the cover:

This book is available right now in both print and ebook from our store at our distributor's site. However, between the recent slowdown of things due to the pandemic, and revamping of said distributor's (Lulu) site, distribution has been held up some. The ebook should be available 'everywhere' soon, if not right now. The print version may take a while yet.

print ISBN 978-1-937745-71-4
epub ISBN 978-1-937745-72-1