Saturday, June 19, 2021

The Rest of 2021

Today, June 19 2021 marks the official release of Oliver Davis Pike’s new science fiction novel, ‘Among the Many Worlds.’ The book is available at our own store in print (paperback) and ebooks (EPUB and PDF) formats. It is also at Amazon as a Kindle book, as well as print.

We expect to release two more books this year. These are both by Stephen Brooke; first, the collection of short fantasy fiction, ‘Lands Far Away.’ There will be a print edition for sale but the ebooks will be free to download. Release date is August 2. This will be followed by the fantasy novel ‘The Walls Between the Worlds’ in October. More on both as we move closer to those dates.

A new edition of the Brooke mainstream novel ‘Asanas’ is being rolled out over the next few weeks. The PDF and EPUB versions are already in our store. Expect Kindle to show up in early July, as well as a new version of the print edition. That latter will be available in our store first; it may take a little while for details of the updated book to reach retailers.

We are (finally!) revamping our website. The pages for our poetry/literary fiction imprint, Eggshell Boats, should be up soon. The main Arachis Press site might take a little longer but we are working on it—getting the books out always has priority (both publishing and writing).