Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Updates on Releases

We have started the process of getting Sienna Santerre's 'One Summer in the Sun' into print and distribution. With everything slowed down the next month and more, we felt it best to get it going right now, although the official release date is Jan 15. It is likely to show up in our own store before then—we'll see! Less hurry on getting the ebooks (epub, pdf, kindle) out the door.
We are also releasing revised versions of some of our older titles. New print editions of Stephen Brooke's children's chapter books, 'The Contrary Fairy' and 'Daisy Days' will be out shortly. The ebook versions will also be updated and these will continue to be free downloads at our site. Brooke's second poetry collection, 'Dreamwinds,' will also appear in a new edition and it, too, will remain a free ebook download. Do expect the print prices of these three books to go up a tad.
More revised books should continue to roll out in the coming year. New ones too!