Thursday, September 5, 2019

Crocodile God Release

This Saturday, September 7 2019 is the official release date for Stephen Brooke's new fantasy novel, THE CROCODILE GOD (Crocodile Chronicles #2). It is available now at many online retailers in print and ebook formats, as well as at our own store.

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Here is the official blurb for the novel:

Caring for her estate and her two-year-old son was quite enough for Qala, once Queen of Pirates. Gladly had she left the excitement of her former life behind. So what if she had never found the love she had once been promised?

Now the boy was beginning to show his heritage as child of the Crocodile God, disappearing to visit other worlds and bringing home little monster playmates. There were important political negotiations going on practically on her doorstep, negotiations involving kings and empires, pirates and wizards, and try though she might, Qala was going to be swept up in them.

Then Zedos’s father shows up and the gods get involved. Would Qala ever be able to live the simple life she desired and maybe, just maybe, find love? Join her as she searches in The Crocodile God, a fantasy adventure by Stephen Brooke.