Monday, July 13, 2015

Upcoming for the Rest of 2015

August First marks the official release of Stephen Brooke's collection of poems for young readers, “Awful Alvin and Other Peculiar Poems,” but the book is now available in both print and digital form from our store. It will be appearing at retailers online and off over the next month or so.

We have more releases slated for the upcoming months. A new novel, “Shaper,” should come out on September 1, followed by another poetry collection, “The Tower,” in October. These release dates are tentative and could be pushed back up to a month. Both are for adult audiences

About Shaper:

Ted Carrol had found his 'last place.' A place where he could live quietly and build surfboards and where all the kids called him 'Shaper.'

His settled existence was not to last. Into Cully Beach swept Michelle and her daughter Charlie, two women escaping a dark past. How could Shaper have known he was going to fall in love?
Surf and suspense, smugglers and self-doubt, combine as Shaper must solve their mystery and that of his own future, in a tale both serious and funny, romantic yet real.

Shaper — a novel by Stephen Brooke

We are also working with author Branford Perry on a collection of short stories. Development may take a while and release will be next year, most likely.

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