Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Adult Material?

We were recently asked just how suitable our books might be for younger readers. Let me say right off that NONE of our titles contain graphic sex or violence. There is some violence in the adult novels, yes, much of it offstage. There are sexual situations and people make moral choices with which the reader might or might not take issue. There may be scatterings of strong language. They are novels and that is pretty much how novels are.

Of course, we do offer children's books, as well as one Young Adult title at this time (THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE), and these are completely 'G' rated. The other work? Maybe PG-13. Nothing more adult than that.

Notably, you are likely to find stronger and perhaps even offensive language in our poetry books. If you are a serious reader of poetry (or is that a reader of serious poetry?) you are not likely to be bothered.

Would we ever publish something more graphic? Something that actually needs a disclaimer? It is always possible but there is nothing in the pipeline at this moment. Though I am looking at some short-stories...

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