Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New and Old

This Saturday, August 1, is the official release date for Stephen Brooke's collection of poems for young readers, AWFUL ALVIN AND OTHER PECULIAR POEMS. The book is already available in both print and electronic form at our own site, and the ebook version can now be found at various retailers around the internet. Give it a few weeks yet for print copies to show up everywhere (yes, Amazon included).

We will be releasing the contemporary novel, SHAPER, on September 1. Expect to  see it rolled out over this month---it may be available on our own site by the middle of August. More on SHAPER later!

It should be followed by another poetry collection, THE TOWER. Tentative release date is October 15. That might be moved a couple weeks either way.

We will also continue to get more of our older titles into wider print distribution. The next of these will be the children's chapter book, THE CONTRARY FAIRY, followed by Stephen Brooke's debut novel, the YA book THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. Expect both before the end of 2015. We can't guarantee more this year, but it might happen. All suitable titles will definitely be added before the end of next year.

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