Thursday, April 4, 2019

Upcoming Titles in 2019

Perhaps the title should read possibly upcoming in 2019. Things can go wrong, after all. But here are the likely covers:

Stephen Brooke's THE  CROCODILE GOD is for certain later this year. This is the sequel to his fantasy novel THE CROCODILE'S SON, continuing the adventures of Qala the (former) Pirate Queen. The science fiction title, ALIENESE by Oliver Davis Pike is less certain when it comes to release date. That depends on edits and all the other typical concerns.

We should have the final proof print version of THE DICTATOR'S CHILDREN in our hands shortly. If there are no problems (and we anticiapte none but one never knows) it will be available 'immediately' in our own store and everywhere (it is to be hoped) by the official May 4 release date.

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