Monday, March 11, 2019

Shiny New Site

We finally got around to a complete redesign of our website, to be found at (of course) Still need to dig into revising the Eggshell Boats site  (our poetry imprint) but that is lower priority than some other projects.

And we will upgrade the AP site as we can; it is admittedly still a tad bare-bones but completely functional. All the books are there! It looks better, we think, or at least more 'modern'—not that there was anything wrong with it before. :)

addendum, several hours later: We had some problems with things synching/linking quite right so repairs were necessary—and, of course, in the midst of FTPing the changes, our internet went out for most of the day.  But it all looks good now, and we even updated the parent site (Insolent Lad) a bit.

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