Sunday, January 27, 2019

Jewels Release

This Saturday, February 2, is the official release date for THE JEWELS OF THE ELEMENTS. One may already find the book in most online stores, Amazon included, or at our own Arachis Press store in both print and ebook formats.

JEWELS is the sequel to THE EYES OF THE WIND, but one need not read that novel to enjoy or understand this one. EYES is one of our most popular titles and also one of the shortest (at 50,000 words), though I doubt those two facts are related! JEWELS comes in a little longer, at 64,000 words, which is fairly typical of a Stephen Brooke adventure tale.

THE JEWELS OF THE THE ELEMENTS is a fantasy novel and related to some degree to the author’s other fantasy novels. That is, they are all set in the same world. However, Stephen also has turned out several mainstream (or at least non-fantasy) novels. His next is the espionage adventure THE DICTATOR’S CHILDREN, set in 1948 Cuba, Florida, and Central America. Stay tuned!

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