Monday, January 7, 2019

Into 2019

Some announcements for the start of a new year:

First, all is on schedule for the official February 2 release of Stephen Brooke’s latest fantasy adventure, “The Jewels of the Elements.” This is the sequel to “The Eyes of the Wind” and the second book of the Sajam Saga. Print and ebook versions are with our distributor and should become available pretty much everywhere by the release date (assuming one ebook vendor or another doesn’t find a problem — it does happen). The books can be purchased right now at our own store.

Second, we have finished (at least for now) revising all the print editions of our catalog. The last titles should undergo final approval over the next couple weeks or so. We are not hurrying quite so much on the ebook versions primarily because we would like to use our distributor’s conversion software and it has become unreliable. A new and better converter is promised so we shall see — we can do it ourselves and just might if it takes much longer.

Third, we are no longer going to offer any of Stephen Brooke’s poetry ebooks for sale. The print versions will continue but it has been decided to give the ebooks away from now on. There will be announcements about downloading or reading them online shortly.

And fourth, the brand new action espionage novel by Stephen Brooke, “The Dictator’s Children,” will be out on May 4, 2019. This is a tale set in 1948, in Cuba, Florida, and Central America. Lots more on that as we get nearer to the release day.

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