Tuesday, January 24, 2017

K Page Brooke Site

We are teaching ourselves responsive design — very slowly — and put up a simple one-page, mini-site for one of the books, as we figure it all out! It is set up as a subdomain of our parent site, at kpagebrooke.insolentlad.com. Not linked up yet but we'll get around to it.

Bit by bit, we should get more of our online presence into subdomains, including Arachis Press, as we feel our way. It may not be responsive at first; the mobile redirects we use now work well enough and we have more experience with the process, but eventually we should be mostly responsive. By that time, maybe we'll need to learn some other approach altogether!

In other news, the print version of GOD OF RAIN (the new Mora fantasy novel by Stephen Brooke) has been approved and will be available pretty much everywhere by the target release date of March 13. We have copies coming from the printer for the occasion and should be getting the ebook versions up shortly.

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