Thursday, January 5, 2017

God of Rain Release Set

We are pleased to announce a release date of Monday, March 13, 2017, for the latest fantasy-adventure novel from Stephen Brooke, GOD OF RAIN. This is the first of a Mora trilogy, taking up where the three Malvern novels left off, and following the narratives of some of the secondary characters in those books.

As always, there will print (paperback) and ebook editions. The blurb:

Hito had tired of war, of knowing he would never be more than the second to the hero Aranu. It was time he sought his own destiny, to leave fighting behind and seek more. Peace, he desired, and a wife and home. If a bit of wealth came his way, too, that was to the better. But was that what he truly sought? Should there not be more?

From the Mora homeland to the jungled valley of the Gurang, from a new life as a trader to that of a Kohari prisoner, condemned to be sacrificed to the Sun Bird, his quest carries him. And does he find love, as well? Perhaps.

In Teva, the God of Rain, must he seek who he is truly meant to be. In the end, it will be Hito himself he finds, in the first novel of a new Mora Trilogy, GOD OF RAIN.

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