Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Fifteenth Anniversary

This summer marks (in any meaningful sense) the fifteenth anniversary of Arachis Press. Yes, we used a different name the first two or three years. Yes, the first book was initially printed locally for sale at poetry readings, rather than going to the POD (via Lulu) approach we have used since. But 2018 does mark fifteen years since ‘Pieces of the Moon,’ the first chapbook of poetry by Stephen Brooke, was published.

So, it also marks the beginning of our publishing enterprise. We have learned a great deal in that time! Certainly, our books look better, are edited better, and so on (revised editions over the years have fixed many of the early mistakes). There was, admittedly, something of a gap between that first book and the second, the novel ‘The Middle of Nowhere,’ but we have published new books every year since.

We shall continue to do so. Primarily my own books (i.e. written or edited by Stephen Brooke), to be sure, though we are quite willing to publish work by others. That will be addressed eventually, not in this blog entry.

I have done a new, revised edition of that first book, to appear later this year. Many of our books could use a new round of editing and proofreading to address small problems. Nothing major in any of them, to be sure; I do not intend to rewrite anything!

And do expect three new titles to see publication yet this year, beginning with ‘Asanas’ on June 16.

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